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Whether you’re new to gardening or have years of experience, there is something very satisfying about growing your own fruit and vegetables as well as beautiful plants and flowers.  There are many benefits to allotment gardening:

  • Have control over how many chemicals are in your food
  • Ability to grow interesting and unusual varieties that may not be available in the shops
  • Produce that is fresher and tastes better than shop brought fruit and veg
  • Helps to keep you fit, healthy
  • Spend time out in the open air
  • Make friends and socialise with like-minded people
  • Increasing evidence that gardening can help improve mental health and wellbeing
  • Great education for children, learn about nature and the seasons

Having an allotment can be very rewarding but it does take time and some hard work, plots need regular watering, weeding and tending, if you simply sow seeds and return weeks later for your veg the weeds will have smothered them and the slugs will have eaten any survivors! Before taking on a plot, consider how much time you can realistically spend at the allotment on a regular basis and how much produce you want to grow. If you are new to allotment gardening, have a busy work schedule or only need to grow enough for a couple of people then consider a half size plot.  Church Lane Allotments allows up to 3 joint tenants in addition to the named plot holder, so you can join forces with a friend or family member and work one plot together which spreads the work and is a fantastic way to spend time together.

As a tenant, you are allocated your own full or half plot (full plots are approx 250 metres square).  You pay a yearly rent for the plot and must agree to abide by the basic site rules.  Then you’re free to get going on your own piece of land, growing whatever produce you like.  There are regular working parties where general site maintenance and improvement jobs get done and plot holders are encouraged to attend when they can to get stuck in and get to know other plot holders.

If you’re ready to start growing you need to add your name to our waiting list.  As plots become available, we offer them to those on the waiting list on a first come first served basis. Our waiting list is not huge and many people are offered a plot within a year of joining.  Please complete the form below.

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