Flatworms are a worrying pest that feed exclusively on earthworms seriously depleting local populations.  They have found their way across the UK but are more common in cooler climates of the North of England, like Leeds! Some have been found on our site.

The worms can be recognised, as the name suggests, by their flat bodies,  brownish/red in colour with buff or yellow lower edge and usually coated with a slimy layer.  Like slugs they live in damp, dark conditions; under pots and tarpaulins and in compost heaps.

Check under pots and stones regularly and destroy any that you find (if you have a salty bucket for slugs, they can go in there).  Also, do be careful if you are accepting compost, manure or potted plants etc. from other gardeners and check that there is no evidence of flatworms  before introducing to your plot.

Ground beetles have been know to pray on flatworms so encourage those with some small, undisturbed log piles.